A conference room is the most volatile space in an office. It is the lab, the epicenter of ideas. Focusing on the office arrangement with special emphasis on the conference room design highlights the level of sophistication. In more than one way, the conference room is identified by the kind of furniture placed there. At the same time, the conference table is the central figure in the conference room. The office chairs placed around the furniture and separately can create a professional ambiance in the office.

Here are 6 Conference Chairs That You May Think of Including in The Conference Room:

High Backs:

Also called Executive chairs, this conference room seating furniture is easily identifiable from its casters, plastic armrests, adjustable height, and swiveling floor stand. They may be stationary or may have wheels for easy movement across the floor. As clear from its name, the high backs have a relatively long extended lumbar support structure lined by a mesh or poly-urethane backrest.

The backrest can be adjusted as per the height of the person. The armrest may have cushioned upholstery for extra comfort. The top-line conference rooms often have faux leather executive high back conference room chairs for that C-suite touch.

Price: High, depending on the use of material (leather, plastic, cotton, recycled fabric. Faux-leather)

Mid backs:

The mid-back chairs are also called multi-task conference chairs. They have special shoulder blade support that allows the person to adjust the collar accordingly. They are preferred for their lightweight metal frame and durable structure. Made of plastic and metal, the mid-back conference room chairs may not have the height adjustment features. They are usually stationary. Price-wise they are cheaper than the High-backs.

Mesh Chairs:

Leather and upholstered chairs may not be energy efficient. Moreover, they are not preferred for regular office seating arrangements. If you have a relatively constrained conference room with limited ventilation, choose the mesh chairs. The mesh chairs come in handy during summers and monsoon. It has special net meshing that allows free airflow even when the person is occupying the chair. Moreover, the mesh conference chairs have a flexible back support system.

Price: Moderate

Stacking Chairs:

Simplest office chairs! That’s why we have Stacking chairs in the category of conference room chairs. They are easy to move and come with a relatively durable frame. Made of metal or plastic, you can easily place 5-6 additional members inside the conference room if you have these lovable stacking chairs. Despite conspicuous lack of flexibility as far as back support and motion are concerned, these chairs are also preferred for their low cost and vibrant range of colors.

Price: Low

Ergonomic Conference Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs are special seating furniture placed for the elderly board members who may not be comfortable sitting in regular office chairs. These chairs are identified by additional back padding and a stable central frame. The design is such that it allows maximum stability and full back support. Ideal for prolonged seating, the new-age ergonomic chairs may also have internal heating and back massage systems for extra comfort.

Price: Very High

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