People who live in a big family or who have guests frequently, end up keeping a larger quantity of bedsheets and linens for times of need. All the extra blankets, pillows and bedsheets need a proper storage space or they can very quickly start deteriorating and tearing. Usually a common solution to this is storing all of this in a linen closet but not all homes are built with one. Depending on the space you have in your home and the amount of things you have, you can use the following ideas to maximize your storage space and make your life easier.

Keep bedding sets together

Most brands these days offer bedding sets that include sheets, comforters, pillow cases and bed covers in one set. Buying a bedding set can be very convenient and make your room look put together. However, you might not end up using all the things at the same time. Storing all the items of the bedding set in its own pillowcases or a separate bag can help you organize your things better as it keeps all items in the same place and also keeps everything compact.

Fabric or polypropylene bags can be used to store blankets and pillows instead of vacuum-sealed bags. Many of them have a clear window on the front so you can see what’s inside and a handle so you can carry them easily. Even though they don’t compress as much and take up less space, storage bags keep your bedding neat and organized. Find one that’s wide but not too deep, and slide it under your bed or bedside table so it’s out of the way but still easy to get to.

Make use of hidden storage

Consider using a basket with a wide opening that is designed to fit in with the aesthetic of the space to store additional sheet sets and throw blankets. Throw unused bedding items into the basket or as soon as you’re done using them. A bench that has concealed storage is another good option, especially for storing bed pillows. Instead of letting additional sheets and blankets take up valuable space in your linen closet, consider keeping one at the foot of your bed instead. If you have an ottoman in the living room that lifts up, you may use it to store additional throw blankets that you can easily grab when you’re having a movie night with your family.

Hang it up

When they are folded, big blankets take up valuable shelf or drawer space that could be used for smaller things. Instead, hang your blankets in a closet that doesn’t get used much, like the one in the guest room, or in the back or on the sides of your clothes closet. Use strong wooden hangers or look for chrome hangers with open ends that are made just for blankets. This makes it easy for blankets to slide on and off the hanger. If you don’t have a place to hang your clothes, you could use a small standing rack in a storage room or a blanket ladder.

You can get creative with storing and protecting your linens to make them last longer and use whatever method you find best. However, it’s always better to store them covered in fabric to increase their longevity and keep their quality intact for as long as possible.

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