We at Rite Options value your dream to become a parent and make it our mission every day to help intended parents all across the globe realize this dream in a secure, professional, and holistic manner. We understand surrogacy can be complicated in some countries due to restrictive laws. We aim to offer an excellent range of services that strengthen the United States of America’s reputation as the friendliest country for international surrogacy.

Why Choose The United States For International Surrogacy?

The state-specific surrogacy laws make the United States a legally friendly country for international surrogacy. When you opt for intended parenthood in the U.S, you will be working with the best surrogacy professionals and registered surrogates within a well-developed, lawful, and protected environment.

The Role We Play in Your International Surrogacy

Our vision is to bring every intended parent’s dream of completing their beautiful family to fruition. We know how the United States is valued as an ideal country with suitable societal, medical, and legal conditions for commercial and international surrogacy. And we work towards making this impression last forever. For years, we have interacted and worked with intended parents from all over the world. We have many satisfied clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India, to name a few.

What is The Cost of International Surrogacy?

Your situation will decide the cost of services offered to you under international surrogacy. While foreign intended parents might feel the price to be relatively higher than other global choices, this is purely due to the high quality and integrity of services offered. At Rite Options, we intend to create a reliable, medically efficient, and legally protected environment for you throughout your surrogacy journey, right from bringing you safely into the country and helping you fly back home. We offer a range of customizable solutions as per your requirements.

Your Child’s Journey To Us Citizenship

Lawfully, any child born within the jurisdiction of the United States has the right to the United States citizenship. After your child’s birth, a United States birth certificate will be granted to them, along with an entitlement to travel with a US passport. Your surrogacy attorneys will carry on the required legal work in establishing your parental rights. This will be done either through second-parent adoption, pre-birth order, or a post-birth order. Under national law, you will be the sole physical and legal parent of your newly born child. Once your parentage has been established legally, you will be flying back home as a happier and excited new parent. Many countries accept the US declaration of parentage, including Germany, Sweden, and Spain.

We Give Equal Care and Attention To National And International Intended Parents

Intended parents usually worry if they will be treated with the same degree of respect and transparency as any citizen of the United States. For Rite Options, our reputation speaks for us. We work with some of the best fertility clinics and renowned attorneys in the country. When you work with us, we strive to ensure an all-encompassing level of professional, medical, legal, and psychological facilities available to everyone involved in the process.

From making travel arrangements for the family to facilitating newborn insurance for the baby, we will take care of every small detail to ensure your rights and mental wellbeing are greatly protected.

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